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5 September 14

Gimme Five! tea towels

Gimme Five! tea towels

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selection of 5 tea towels

We go through tea towels like nobody’s business! Do you? We treat them really mean. They get stained so easily and lose their vibrancy after a few washes. We somehow manage to set a fair few on fire as well!

It’s such a shame to do that to tea towels – some of them are so beautiful – like works of art. Some people have them displayed on their walls. In fact, we’ve got a few put away ourselves…

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21 March 14

Gimme Five! Spatulas

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selection of 5 cooking spatulas

I know it’s not ‘sexy’, but a cooking spatula is an integral piece of kit in our kitchen. It’s used for stirring, flipping and getting every last drop of batter out of a mixing bowl.

We only have one in our cooking arsenal, and it’s looking a bit ragged. The white rubber is looking decidedly grey and appears to have been attacked by a serrated knife at some point. Time to chuck it out and…

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7 March 14

Gimme Five! Recipe organisers

Gimme Five! Recipe organisers

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selection of 5 recipe organisers

I have a big, bright yellow ring binder which has been my recipe organiser for years. It lives in the bottom drawer of the butcher’s block in our kitchen. Unfortunately, it was one of the many casualties the day we flooded – that’s how high the water got!

Luckily all the sheets of paper were inside plastic pockets so they were salvageable. That was nearly 2 years ago now – and I’ve still not…

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16 November 13
Charity Vintage: 1960s kitchenette

(ends 6 Dec, 2013 09:26:45 GMT)
We’ve featured vintage kitchenettes in our Charity Vintagesection…View Post

Charity Vintage: 1960s kitchenette

(ends 6 Dec, 2013 09:26:45 GMT)

We’ve featured vintage kitchenettes in our Charity Vintagesection…

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27 September 13

3 Tips for Measuring Kitchen Cabinets

image credit: Joe Wolf

Starting a kitchen remodel can be an exciting time – it can also quickly…

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3 July 13

Wednesday Wish: Tala Cook’s Curry Measure

Have you been watching Rick Stein’s Indiathat’s currently on BBC2? He’s touring India tasting &…

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2 April 13

Tuesday Huesday: Next Kitchen

 This Next kitchen caught my eye on their website this week. I don’t often go for blue, but this teal, grey and lemon kitchen accessory combo feels really fresh with a coastal vibe! Related posts:

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10 January 12

Tuesday Huesday: vintage kitchenette

orange vintage 1950s/60s  kitchenette against a purple wall

My two most favourite colours in the world - violet purple & tangerine orange - TOGETHER - in a gorgeous vintage kitchen setting!

[Image via Beautiful Spaces and Places]

1 May 10

Cupboard love

detail of vintage contents of renovated 1960s wood & Formica kitchen cabinet

This kitchen cupboard/kitchenette has been this week’s little renovation project.

vintage 1960s kitchen cabinet prior to renovationdetail of 1960s kitchen cabinet prior to renovation
detail of top of 1960s kitchen cabinet prior to renovation

We collected it from a garage in Wakefield - and set about giving it a bit of TLC.

First of all it got a good wash inside & out. The original red Formica was very faded and mottled, so we repainted it in a lovely vintage green…

view of fully renovated 1960s wood & Formica kitchen cabinet when empty

…and lined the shelves with a chintzy oil cloth.

vintage 1960s wood & Formica kitchen fully renovated and stocked with vintage kitchen items and put for sale on the H is for Home pitch at Picture House Antiques in Todmorden

It’s now standing in our Picture House Antiques Centre pitch waiting for someone to give it a new home -  in the meantime, it’s great for display.

13 June 08

K is for…

K is for... banner

Image of our kitchen

Probably our favourite room in the house. We love spending time in here - cooking, chatting or having a big mug of tea after a long dog walk.

photo of a child's writing slate and wooden kitchen utensils

We have the main wall painted a zingy tangerine. It’s bright & lively in the summer but also gives a warm cosy feel when the nights draw in. We used to have it painted a fresh apple green but this felt a bit cold in the winter, so we had to get the brushes back out.

photo of the cooker in our kitchen

The orange also works well with the stainless steel and various shades within the stone tiled splash-back.

The centre of the room is filled with a large, old, beech baker’s table which serves as our main seating & eating area - also a very useful extra work surface.

On the opposite wall to the work units & cooker is a stone fireplace. This would once have housed the original kitchen range.

Photo of the fireplace in our kitchen

The chimney has not gone to waste however, with the cast iron stove chuffing away on chilly nights. On the ceiling above this stove we have a slatted drying rack - perfect for hanging washing on cold, rainy days. The graphic 1960’s street scene is by artist Ken Law… and on the stone ledge sit various vintage pottery plates including Poole and Royal Copenhagen. Mixing old & new is a recurring theme throughout our house.

photo of the shelves in our pantry

We like the blend of rustic pieces such as the baker’s table, butcher’s block and spoon rack with the modern stainless steel and downlighting.

Photo of our kitchen workbench

Both being former chefs, we like to fill the kitchen with practical (and preferably good looking) equipment.

photo of antique butcher's block

Objects from the 1950s, 60s & 70s seem to fit in well, helping to tie it all together.

photo of our vintage 1960s Hornsea Pottery 'Bronte' tea, coffee & sugar canisters

Vintage kitchen enamel and ceramics are a particular passion of ours - pots, pans, storage jars etc. Hornsea, Denby, Cathrineholm, Rorstrand, Figgjo Flint, Arabia, Dansk Designs, Le Creuset are just a few of the names we look for…

and then there are the cookbooks … don’t get us started on those!

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