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12 August 14

World Dolls Series: Ireland

World Dolls Series: Ireland

'World Dolls Series' blog post banner

World Dolls Series: Ireland book front cover

We’re back touring!

World Dolls Series: Ireland book showing J Giplin illustrator information

We’ve crossed the sea to Ireland in our World Dolls Series – a charming collection of children’s books produced in the 1960s.

World Dolls Series: Ireland book showing Patrick carrying his shillelagh

Our guides for this leg of the journey are Kathleen & Patrick – two dolls who once stood side by side in a Dublin shop window. There’ll certainly be no misbehaving on this trip – Patrick has his shillelagh at the ready for anyone who steps out of…

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11 May 14

World Dolls Series: Wales

World Dolls Series: Wales

'World Dolls Series' blog post banner

World Dolls Series: Wales book cover

Our World Dolls Series has reached Wales – The Land of Our Fathers.

World Dolls Series: Wales

Illustrations are by J. Sirr – and they highlight the tradition, scenery & industry of the region.

Bronwen from Wales

Our tour guide is Bronwen, resplendent in her national costume. She’s rightly proud of her national identity & her country’s long history…

Welsh Eisteddfod competition

…and the Welsh tradition of poetry, music, song & dance -  celebrated at the annual Eist…

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27 March 14

George Him matchbook

'vintage George Him match-book' banner

detailed view of a vintage George Him match-book front cover

We’ve tracked down another one of these fabulous & rare, vintage match-books produced for Liberty in the 1960s.

detailed view of a vintage George Him match-book edge showing words '150 CRON MATCHES MADE IN FINLAND | Designed for Liberty of London by vintage George Him

The last example we featured was designed by Miroslav Sasek – this one’s the work of another favourite illustrator, George Him.

vintage George Him match-book front cover

A row of guardsmen provides the inspiration – each with their own unique facial expression & medal collection.

inside view of vintage George Him match-book

The match-book is unused and in very good…

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22 December 13

Schweppes Christmas

We’ve been digging out our vintage Christmas decorations this week – items that we’ve collected…

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22 October 13

Vacances Français

We bought some vintage metal filing drawers at auction last month – these lovely vintage travel…

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4 October 13

Gimme Five! Vintage Yorkshire Moors posters

We live in the midst of the Penninesand the landscapes depicted in these vintage Yorkshire Moors…

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3 September 13

Tuesday Huesday: Richard Erdoes

image credit: Pop Up Venice

Today we were introduced to the fine illustrations of Richard Erdoesv…

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10 July 13

Wednesday Wish: Helt honey

We use jar upon jar of honey chez H is for Home. We use it a lot for making flapjacksand it’s…

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25 June 13

Tuesday Huesday: Lotta Nieminen

Finland-born, New York-based graphic designer & art director Lotta Nieminenis a new discovery of…

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28 July 12

All Booked Up!

Selection of newly published art & design books that we will shortly be reviewing on this blog

We just wanted to give you a quick, little preview of some of the art and design books that have arrived from publishers in the past couple of weeks. We’ve got a few other blog posts already in the pipeline, but the next Bookmarks review won’t be far off!

27 July 12

Friday Folks: Amanda Shufflebotham aka Graffikheart

Coffee with a hint of Hornsea - digital print by Amanda Shufflebotham aka GraffikHeart

During a recent daily fix of Pinterest (yes, I’m still addicted!), the poster above by Graffikheart caught my eye. Isn’t it great how easy it is to find out more about a maker on the internet? In the click of a link I found more of her lovely work up for sale on Etsy. It has that colourful, retro, mid century modern vibe that I love - she’s a great Friday Folks guest!

green dotted horizontal line

Who are you & what do you do?
My name is Amanda Shufflebotham aka Graffikheart, I am 42 year old graphic designer/illustrator and mum of two boys. Originally from Oxfordshire now living in Monmouthshire.

Amanda Shufflebotham aka GraffikHeart

How did you get into the business?
I attended Swindon School of Art & Design and from there I went to work for a pharmaceutical communications company as a junior designer. I stayed in the graphic design world for over 20 years, working for agencies in Oxford and Cardiff. I took a break to have my children but remained connected to design via freelance work. I always had illustrative leanings so took the chance to explore that over the last couple of years. I really enjoy what I do and although it’s not far removed from my actual ‘job’ it gives a welcome break from the more corporate work.

'The Animal Alphabet' digital print by Amanda Shufflebotham aka Graffikheart

Who or what inspires you?
I am inspired by other graphic illustrators like Charley Harper, Sanna Annuka, Rex Ray and Tom Eckersley. I’m also inspired by my late father, a great artist and my close friend, the paper artist Helen Musselwhite who introduced me to Etsy and has been very encouraging. I love the shapes, colours and textures of mid century ceramics so that’s why some of my work is inspired by certain pieces like Hornsea.

What has been your greatest success?
I was recently contacted by the people who own the rights to Hornsea to ask if I wanted to produce some official posters. That’s in the pipeline. But for now I am thrilled that I’m getting good feedback on the designs and have recently produced some kitchen items that I hope some of the manufacturers might like?!

Have you got any advice for someone wanting to break into the business?
My advice to others would to be to try and make your work as visible as possible via all the routes that social media offers. I am amazed how many people tell me they have seen my work on Pinterest for example. I have also been commissioned to do some more conventional graphic design work from companies overseas that have found me via Etsy.

20 July 12

Marble Menagerie

vintage Merit

We bought this vintage marble game last week. It’s a simple little game which involves rolling marbles down the wooden shoot aiming at archways with different scores. We’ve done a little research and found that the game is called “bridgeboard”.

vintage Merit

What makes this version extra special are the fabulous illustations by Kenneth Townsend.

monkey detail from a vintage Merit

The animals will look very familiar to fans of the artist’s "Menagerie" tile series that we’ve blogged about before.

6 March 12

Tuesday Huesday: Sean Sims

quartet of

We’ve only just discovered the work of Brighton-based illustrator, Sean Sims.

We had a hard time choosing which of his designs to highlight, they’re all so amazing! He’s got a great style, colourful palette and lighthearted and humorous approach to his subject matter.

28 February 12

Tuesday Huesday: David Klein

permalink to H is for Home's

David Klein travel poster for Orbitz featuring a colourful group of giraffes

David Klein was a hugely talented and prolific illustrator. He’s known mainly for the dozens of colourful travel posters he designed, especially those for TWA, during the 1950s & 60s. You can feast your eyes on many more if you visit his website.

14 February 12

Tuesday Huesday: vintage serving tray

detail from a vintage serving tray with an illustration of children walking along with sailboats in their arms

This cute illustrated tray has been getting a lot of views, comments & favourites since we added it to the H is for Home website and Flickr stream last week. We spotted it on a stall when we visited the Lincoln Antique and Home Fair and knew that it would be perfect for our shop!

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh