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16 April 14

World Dolls Series: England

World Dolls Series: England

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World Dolls Series, England vintage children's book | H is for Home

So here’s England – the first of those World Dolls Series posts we mentioned last week.

list of books in the World Dolls Series | H is for Home

These illustrations are by C. Jones from the Birmingham School of Design.

illustration of a pair of dolls in the World Dolls Series, England | H is for Home

Each book has doll-like characters to show you round their country – it’s George & Elizabeth taking us on the tour of England.

illustration of Tower Bridge from the World Dolls Series, England | H is for Home

We start in the capital…

illustration of horse guards and a British Bobby from the World Dolls Series, England | H is for Home

…with some classic landmarks.

illustration of a tube train from the World Dolls Series, England | H is for Home

We just love the depiction of this busy…

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27 October 13

Vintage birthday

These colourful vintage birthday cards brightened up a grey day as we wandered around the…

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14 February 12

Tuesday Huesday: vintage serving tray

detail from a vintage serving tray with an illustration of children walking along with sailboats in their arms

This cute illustrated tray has been getting a lot of views, comments & favourites since we added it to the H is for Home website and Flickr stream last week. We spotted it on a stall when we visited the Lincoln Antique and Home Fair and knew that it would be perfect for our shop!

5 August 11

Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away Home!

detail from the cover of the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

Here’s a quick follow up to our recent blog post about vintage American road maps.

cover of the  vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

A few days after we bought them, we also picked up this lovely little Ladybird book.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

It’s from the Flight series - this one being, “Flight Three - U.S.A - A Ladybird Book of Travel Adventure”.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

This is a first edition, published in 1959.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

Alison & John take a trip to the U.S.A where Dad sometimes goes on business trips.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

They land in New York and spend a week there - then hire a car and take a a road trip.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

As with most Ladybirds from this era, the illustrations are fabulous.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

Other destinations in the series include Australia, Canada, Africa, India and The Holy Land.

If we ever manage to do an American road trip in a vintage camper van (or lovely, shiny Airstream!), we’ll have lots of vintage travel ephemera to accompany us… we suspect there might have been a few changes!

5 August 10

Kitsch Kids!

We bought this trio of ‘wide-eyed children’ prints this week - a bit of classic 1950s kitsch.

detail of vintage Dallas Simpson

We often buy Tretchikoff prints from this era, but don’t normally go for images quite this cutesy.

They were such good examples of the type though - and they do certainly have their fans… Red or Dead founder, Wayne Hemingway famously. Check out his book on the subject, Above The Mantelpiece: Mass-Market Masterpieces

Detail of vintage Dallas Simpson print showing her signature

The artist of these three is Dallas Simpson. Simpson moved with her husband in the mid 1960’s from London to live in a mobile home in West Sussex by the sea. She had no children of her own and her husband used to prime either her canvases or more often she painted on board.

She was a prolific artist of big eyed urchin children and she used to sell the originals and reproduction rights as long as payment was immediate, to fund her simple life and her beloved gin.

She painted under a number of pseudonyms including Emma Louise and Kelita with a subtle change of style in the painting but with the same subject matter. (biographical information taken from Felix Rosenstiel´s Widow & Son Ltd).

vintage Dallas Simpson

All three are in excellent condition with original frames. So if you’re a fan, drop us an email and we’ll give you first refusal before they go into our pitch or listed on our website.

set of three vintage prints of

If you’re a fan of this genre and would like to do a bit more investigating, other artists in the genre include Maio, Lee, Betty Raphael and Margaret Keane.

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19 July 10

Housing Stock

three vintage hand painted wooden houses

These were an interesting little buy last week.

vintage handmade hand painted wooden house with red roof and door

A group of three vintage handmade toy houses.

detail of blue vintage wooden housedetail of yellow vintage wooden house

They’re constructed of ply around a solid block of wood - then painted.

underside of handmade hand painted wooden house

We’re not sure when they date from, although they obviously have a bit of age - 1940s/50s probably.

vintage handmade hand painted wooden house with yellow roof & door

We love these naive toys and folk art.

vintage handmade hand painted wooden house with blue roof & door

Probably made by dad or grandad for a young child… very sweet!

4 December 09

New kids on the block

The new shop department we’ve been promising is up & running. Childs Play has a mixture of traditional toys & games…

…piggy banks…



…and furniture such as desks, chairs and blackboards.

Here’s our most recent acquisition - a fab 1960s cot.

So come check us out - we’re adding new items all the time!
9 November 09

Pop Up

It’s full steam ahead for the new Child’s Play department on the H is for Home shop website - vintage books, toys, room decorations etc. The section should be up & running by this weekend.

These fab vintage pop up books we bought this week will fit in there perfectly.

They all date from the early 1970s and feature some very familiar characters a lot of you will recognise.

The collection includes Trumpton, Noddy, the Wombles and Play School.

For a trip down memory lane have a look at these original opening sequences to their TV incarnations!

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh