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6 September 14

Charity Vintage: Beards… A Spotter’s Guide

Charity Vintage: Beards… A Spotter’s Guide

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permalink to Beards: A Spotter's Guide by Cara Frost-Sharratt for sale on eBay for Charity by & in support of The Martlets HospiceImage credit: Ben Swift

I bet you didn’t know that today, 6th of September, is World Beard Day. Yes, there is such a commemoration. And, as Justin is a long-time beard sporter, we’re participating in the celebration by dedicating this week’s Charity Vintage post to the cause.

This copy of Beards: A Spotter’s Guide by Cara Frost-Sharrattthat we’re featuring isn’t a vintage book, but it’s…

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23 April 14

World Dolls Series: Scotland

World Dolls Series: Scotland

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vintage World Dolls Series Scotland children's book

This week we’re touring Scotland in our World Dolls Series of books.

vintage World Dolls Series Scotland children's book with illustrations by M. Russon

There are twelve little books in the series. We’ve managed to get hold of them all, so we can do quite a comprehensive tour of Europe now.

vintage World Dolls Series Scotland children's book featuring dolls Andrew and Sheena

Our doll guides for this trip are Andrew & Sheena – sporting their national costumes which they wear for high days & holidays (jeans & T-shirt the rest of the week!)

vintage World Dolls Series Scotland children's book with illustration of a castle


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11 February 14

Going Dutch!

We picked up this charming little book recently.

It dates from 1964 and comes from the World…

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13 December 13

Gimme Five! Cookbooks

Everybody loves to get a book for Christmas. I especially love to find a new, glossy, hardback…

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19 November 13

Bookmarks: The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

This edition of The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen edited by Noel Daniel is a sumptuous…

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28 July 12

All Booked Up!

Selection of newly published art & design books that we will shortly be reviewing on this blog

We just wanted to give you a quick, little preview of some of the art and design books that have arrived from publishers in the past couple of weeks. We’ve got a few other blog posts already in the pipeline, but the next Bookmarks review won’t be far off!

26 May 12

Bookmarks: London Underground Maps

We have a real gem for this week’s Bookmarks post - London Underground Maps - Art, Design & Cartography by Claire Dobbin.

page from

It’s hardly possible to imagine London without its underground system - and equally impossible to imagine this underground system without the classic map which guides its millions of users.

page from

This book takes you on its own journey - from 19th century origins to the 21st century future.

page from

Chapter 1 covers the early history and mapping of the London Underground. The first line was opened in 1863 - it was actually steam trains that ran along these early tracks which came as a surprise to us - electric trains being introduced much later, in 1890. Another quick snippet of trivia is that the now ubiquitous term ‘tube’ for the whole of the underground system comes from an early nickname for the Central London Railway which was known as the Two Penny Tube.

page from

The early maps aren’t to be overlooked. There’s some stunning work by artists such as MacDonald ‘Max’ Gill and it also has to be remembered that Harry Beck didn’t start with a blank canvas before producing his famous 1930s design. He took ideas & influences from this earlier mapping such as line diagrams and distinct colours for individual lines.

page from

However, there’s no denying the importance and brilliance of the map originally devised by Beck in 1931 and first published 1933 (there’s a story there too, as it was rejected on its first submission). Chapter 2 charts the map’s development - its geometric design and the abandonment of geographical accuracy.

page from

The various versions of Beck’s map are very interesting - its continuous evolution being essential as new stations were built or design tweeks put into practice.

page from

In addition to reproducing the maps, the book also has some great examples of promotional posters and historical photos showing stations, travellers and artwork in situ.

page from

page from

Chapter 3 explores the continuing legacy of Beck’s design and its influence over other transport maps. Also its branding, souvenir value and wider influence over the art world in general.

page from

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed this book and can highly recommend it.

page from

It adds so much background to the subject without ever being dry or unapproachable.

page from

…and if you’re one of those people who has to hop on & off the tube regularly, this book will really help you see the places with fresh eyes.

page from

The book’s launch ties in with the Mind the Map exhibition that opened last week at the London Transport Museum - the author, Louise Dobbin is Senior Curator there. The exhibition, with accompanying events programme, runs until 28 October 2012.

page from

As well as Lund Humphries, the book is available from our UK & US Amazon stores.

[Many thanks to Lund Humphries for the review copy]

21 May 12

Bookmarks: Personal Best, Paul Floyd Blake

Personal Best book cover

Before we start, we need to declare a personal interest in this particular book. The author is a very good friend of ours - in fact we’ve blogged about him previously in our Friday Folks series.

Over a period of five years, Paul Floyd Blake regularly photographed sixteen young athletes in the build up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. His work documents a unique time in British history, and captures the development of a generation of sportspeople as they grow from childhood to adulthood within the intense world of elite sport.

Blake’s restrained and subtle portraits offer an alternative to conventional sports photography, with its emphasis on dramatic moments of action. Instead, his images pay tribute to the long slog towards glory that is not usually seen or celebrated, whilst excerpts from the athletes’ own writings offer insights into their personal hopes and fears. Blake’s approach emphasises the individual’s own story and motivations beyond the values and structures of competitive sport, as the title Personal Best suggests. Of the athletes that Paul selected for the project five years ago, three have been selected to take part in the London 2012 Olympics.

The book includes texts by curator Pippa Oldfield (Impressions Gallery, Bradford) and Professor Jonathan Long (Leeds Metropolitan University).

Portrait of fencer Curtis Miller from the book, Portrait of swimmer Rosie Bancroft from the book, Portrait of badminton player Gabby White from the book,

£20.00 + £5.00 P&P
Hardback, 112 pages, 50 colour plates
285mm x 245mm
ISBN: 978-1-907893-21-6

To order your copy please email

28 March 12

Wednesday Wish: Dennis Morris, Growing Up Black

Cover of Dennis Morris' limited edition book,

I’ve seen a few different reviews printed recently of Dennis Morris’ Growing Up Black - A Chronicle of Black Britain in the 60s and 70s. The accompanying images really capture an era in London in which my parents & I must have been a part before we emigrated to Trinidad in 1973. His images portray the everyday in the lives of the African Caribbean community in London - the political, the religious, the social and the domestic.

I was also unaware until now that Morris was the creator of many of the iconic images we know and love of Bob Marley, the Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited.

His images remind me of those of the talented Daniel Meadows, whose early work we recently went to at the National Media Museum in Bradford - portraits of urban communities, families, friends and individuals.

The book’s been published this month as a limited edition of just 500 copies - the introductory price is £250, which includes a silver gelatin 10 x 12” print signed by Morris. Thereafter the price rises to £300 + P&P.

11 January 12

Wednesday Wish: New Alexander Girard book

Alexander Girard book by Todd Oldham & Kiera Coffee available from Amazon UK: £93.75 & Amazon US: $126.00

I know the festive season’s only just gone, but I’m putting this Alexander Girard book on my Christmas wish list for next year!

25 October 11
14 October 11

Bookmarks: 70s Style & Design

cover from the book,

In terms of style & design, the 1970s is sometimes dismissed as being a bit naff or as the decade that taste forgot.

title page from the book,

This is very wide of the mark - its influence being both wide ranging and long lasting.

page from the book,

This book, 70s Style & Design, by Dominic Lutyens & Kirsty Hislop clearly demonstrates this.

page from the book,

The decade was remarkable for its diversity - its range of cultures & counter cultures. It began with hippies & flower power and ended with punks & new wave!

page from the book,

There was a “loosened up spirit of fashion & design” during this period - a strong sense of doing your own thing, experimentation, freedom and fun.

page from the book,

There were trends & fashions of course, but it never descended into a bland homogenisation.

page from the book,

It was a very eclectic decade in terms of style & design - psychedelia & flower power spilled over from the 1960s, then there was the strong influence of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, nostalgic Victoriana, the folksy/back to nature style - and later on a harder edged industrial look.

page from the book,

It has been referred to as a decade of ‘the self’ - whether that be individuals looking towards & analyzing their inner self - or an outward expression through personal appearance or living & work spaces. This resulted in a real blossoming of creativity.

page from the book,

The book highlights the influence of various music scenes, movements such as gay rights & women’s lib, the importance of an increasing awareness of the environment, the political & economic factors prevalent at the time, the increasing & diverse student population, the new DIY ethos in both fashion & interiors, a craft renaissance - and the impact of shops such as Habitat, Mr Freedom, Biba and Granny Takes a Trip.

page from the book,

Divided into four chapters, From Pop to Postmodernism, Belle Epoque, Supernature and Avant Garde, the book tackles these subjects in great detail and does a remarkable job in drawing all these strands together.

page from the book,

The text is informative, articulate & well researched - the accompanying photographs capturing all the spirit of this fabulous decade.

page from the book,

page from the book,

The 70s isn’t a particularly well documented era in terms of style & design - this book helps redress the balance.

page from the book,

page from the book,

As well as having their own dedicated website, the authors write the Flashin’ on the 70s blog which features even more 70s (and 70s inspired) gorgeousness!

page from the book,

page from the book,

As usual, the book is available both direct from the publisher and through our H is for Home UK & US Amazon aStores

page from the book,

page from the book,

[Many thanks to Thames & Hudson for this review copy]

19 August 11

Bookmarks: The Way We Live in the Country

cover of

It’s been a real pleasure reviewing this book - it’s right up our street - or right up our country lane as the case may be!

page showing a simple country chair from

This is the second review we’ve written in the The Way We Live… series, the first being The Way We Live With the Things We Love

page showing dining table & chairs in front of an open fire from

As the title suggests, this one is concerned with all things rustic & rural…

double page spread showing different tabletops from

…the landscape, the lifestyle, the buildings & their interiors.

inside front cover of

Once again, there’s a wonderful introduction by author Stafford Cliff.

page showing eight different country landscape views throughout the seasons from

As with all good introductions, it not only gives a  broad overview of the subject - it also creates atmosphere and whets the appetite for the pages that follow.

page showing antique racks from

He begins with this magical image:

"Many years ago, long before mobile phones or sat-nav, I went to visit a friend who lived in central France. As the light began to fade, my companions and I found ourselves driving along narrow roads in open farmland with our map and our directions running out. Suddenly up ahead we noticed a narrow track leading through fields to a distant farmhouse. We knew that we had arrived at the right place because every few feet along both sides of this road my friend had placed old jam jars containing little flickering candles. The effect was heart-stopping and memorable, and it said ‘Welcome’ in a way no words ever could. The scene comes to mind again now, because it distills the special qualities of living in the country, or visiting those who do."

page showing candlelit courtyard from

The book comprises five main chapters - Country Landscapes, The House in the Country, Traditional Homes, Contemporary Homes and Country Details.

page showing an antique chair in front of an open fire from

It’s great to see traditional & contemporary homes in the same book - the different interpretations of country living.

double page spread showing whitewashed dining table with metal bistro-type chairs from

The blend of the two is just our kind of look - mixing antique country furniture with vintage ceramics & textiles from the 1950s & 60s.

page featuring different windows with deep sills from

A tool used throughout the book is page spreads of images comparing similar house details in different parts of the world.

page showing detail of wooden chair backs from

It’s perfect for a quick flick through, but also stands up to deeper scrutiny.

coffer and antique pottery urns at the bottom of a stairway from

The gorgeous photographs taken by the late Gilles De Chabaneix are accompanied by insightful captions - adding detail & context.

large wooden table with runner from

We have a handful of books that we gravitate towards - this one has joined their ranks.

double page spread showing an open fire with oatcakes drying above and a rustic, antique cast iron stove from

This is a great book for providing interior decoration inspiration.

attic bedroom with exposed rafters from

The mood of the subject simply washes over you. It’s very odd, but you almost sigh with relaxation - a sense of well-being & calm descending as you flick through the wonderful landscapes & houses.

page showing six different rustic kitchens from

There’s only one question left to answer - Do we recommend the book?

rustic hand basin with recess above from

antique wooden table & chairs with yellow pottery bowl in the foreground from

Well it’s probably quite obvious by now - if you share our love of country living or country influenced interiors, then this is a must have book.

antique Winsdor chair in a room in the eaves from

vintage blue & white bistro chairs on a patio from

We’re sure you’ll revisit it over & over again.

rustic table & chairs under a low, vaulted brick ceiling from

double page spread showing an old stone flagged floor with sunlight streaming through from

The Way We Live in the Country is available from the publishers, Thames & Hudson and also from the H s for Home UK & US aStores.

double page spread showing an antique chairs & set table with lit candles at dusk outside a rustic whitewashed building from

photo of an old man holding a large pumpkin from

[Many thanks to Thames & Hudson for providing this review copy]

5 August 11

Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away Home!

detail from the cover of the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

Here’s a quick follow up to our recent blog post about vintage American road maps.

cover of the  vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

A few days after we bought them, we also picked up this lovely little Ladybird book.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

It’s from the Flight series - this one being, “Flight Three - U.S.A - A Ladybird Book of Travel Adventure”.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

This is a first edition, published in 1959.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

Alison & John take a trip to the U.S.A where Dad sometimes goes on business trips.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

They land in New York and spend a week there - then hire a car and take a a road trip.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

As with most Ladybirds from this era, the illustrations are fabulous.

page from the vintage 1959 Ladybird book,

Other destinations in the series include Australia, Canada, Africa, India and The Holy Land.

If we ever manage to do an American road trip in a vintage camper van (or lovely, shiny Airstream!), we’ll have lots of vintage travel ephemera to accompany us… we suspect there might have been a few changes!

18 February 11

Bookmarks - The Way We Live: with the things we love


Those of you who have seen photos of our home know that we’re avid collectors of all manner of things.

pages from

page from page from

page from

Which brings us neatly to the second title in our Bookmarks review series, The Way We Live - With the Things We Love by Stafford Cliff & Gilles de Chabaneix and published by Thames & Hudson.

page from

page from

The book celebrates the things with which we fill our houses - and how people express their personality through their homes and the objects they collect.

page from

page from

We’re always looking for imaginative ways to display…

page from

page from

…and this book is full of great ideas.

page from

page from

All the wonderful images, from houses all around the world, were taken by a single photographer, Gilles de Chabaneix, who spent over 40 years photographing domestic interiors.

page from

page from

The book doesn’t try to advise on what objects to collect, but offers inspiration for people who love to rummage at markets, bid at auction or have treasured heirlooms they want to put on show.

page from

page from

Objects ranging from fine art to humble beach-combed finds rub shoulders throughout the book.

page from

page from

From familiar groupings of mirrors and paintings, to much more idiosyncratic collections, such as a wall-full of vintage postcards of rock formations!

page from

page from

It’s a great lazy afternoon or bedtime read, with over 200 pages of inspiring, fascinating and intriguing rooms.

page from

page from

We’ve revisited the book a few times this week which is a good sign… and you do notice new things each time.

page from

The book is one in the Way We Live: series and can also be bought from our Amazon bookshops: UK | US

[Many thanks to Thames & Hudson for supplying this review copy]

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