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21 September 14

Bernard Buffet still life

Bernard Buffet still life

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Bernard Buffet still life vintage print

Adelle bought herself this Bernard Buffet still life print for her birthday way back in November last year. It’s entitled Nature morte a la citrouille or Still Life with Pumpkin and was originally painted in 1955. This print was made in the 1970s.

detail of signiture on Bernard Buffet still life vintage print

We’ve blogged about Bernard Buffet before, he’s one of our favourite artists.

Bernard Buffet still life vintage print above a wrought iron bed

We finally got it framed – a great job done by the friendly folks at

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22 February 14

Charity Vintage: Chiquita 50s kitsch print

Charity Vintage: Chiquita 50s kitsch print

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'Chiquita' vintage 50s kitsch print(ends 13 Mar, 2014 15:43:16 GMT)

We’d say that our taste in art is – well – tasteful. However, we have a soft spot for vintage 50s kitsch prints. We have a few of Vladimir Tretchikoff‘s prints – Lady from the Orient, Balinese Girl, The Chinese Girl, Miss Wong and Zulu Girl.

CLIC Sargent: Caring for Children with Cancer* is currently selling this 50s kitsch print entitled ‘Chiquita’. She’s a…

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28 July 12

All Booked Up!

Selection of newly published art & design books that we will shortly be reviewing on this blog

We just wanted to give you a quick, little preview of some of the art and design books that have arrived from publishers in the past couple of weeks. We’ve got a few other blog posts already in the pipeline, but the next Bookmarks review won’t be far off!

24 July 12

Tuesday Huesday: Cartonlandia

image credit: Julie Klima

A new discovery (at least for us!) this week is this fantastic artwork. It’s called “Cartonlandia” and is the work of Mexican American artist Ana Serrano. You can’t tell from this image, but it’s HUGE - well over 5 foot tall! Have a look at her blog to see the making process.

Posted: 11:58 AM

Tuesday Huesday: Cartonlandia

image credit: Julie Klima

A new discovery (at least for us!) this week is this fantastic artwork. It’s called “Cartonlandia” and is the work of Mexican American artist Ana Serrano. You can’t tell from this image, but it’s HUGE - well over 5 foot tall! Have a look at her blog to see the making process.

3 July 12

Tuesday Huesday: Stanley Spencer’s Shipbuilding

panel from Stanley Spencer's Shipbuilding series of artworks
Stanley Spencer, Riveters, 1941 | © Imperial War Museum

Perhaps it was listening the recent BBC Radio 2 programme about one of my favourite songs - Elvis Costello & Clive Langer’s Shipbuilding that reminded me of one of my favourite artists - Stanley Spencer. He created beautiful works often on an epic scale about war, industry and religion.

Click on the image above to see a larger version… and also click here to get an idea of the size of the work!

If I’ve whetted your appetite for more there’s a great book entitled Men of the Clyde: Stanley Spencer’s Vision at Port Glasgow available on Amazon

19 June 12

Tuesday Huesday: Kolonihavehus

Tom Fruin's Kolonihavehus in Copenhagen
Kolonihavehus, 2010 | steel, found plexiglass, paint | 12’ x 12’ x 14’

We can’t get enough of neon brights for our Tuesday Huesday blog posts at the moment - it must be a subconscious antidote to the grey, wet weather we’ve been having!

When I came across Kolonihavehus (Danish for allotment) by Tom Fruin it just blew me away - there just aren’t enough superlatives to describe it! I’d have loved a visit to Copenhagen to see the installation in the flesh (or should that be “in the glass”?)

Go to his website to see more of his sculptural artwork - his Brooklyn watertower is breathtaking! It’s there until June 2013 so maybe I’ll just have to take a trip to New York instead!

17 April 12

Tuesday Huesday: C R W Nevinson

C R W Nevinson's

This striking painting from 1914, entitled Returning to the Trenches is by C R W Nevinson, considered one of Britain’s greatest war artists. The image conveys the movement and sound of the marching troops so vividly. I prefer his earlier style of work of which this is my favourite example - much influenced by the Futurist and Vorticist Movements.

You can see a larger selection of his work on the Bridgeman Art, Culture, History website. There’s a very rare book entitled, ‘C.R.W.Nevinson: The Twentieth Century' by Richard Ingleby. There are currently only two copies available on Amazon - the cheaper being a mere £260.64!

18 March 12

Surprise Pressie

framed artwork by Jane Blease with slipware jug by Hannah McAndrew

What a lovely surprise - and what a lovely present!

framed artwork by Jane Blease with slipware jug by Hannah McAndrew

We have Jane Blease to thank. We recently sold this Danish table & chairs to Jane & her partner, Neil. When they came to collect the set from Todmorden last weekend she gave us one of her artworks. It was really kind of her - and we love it!

A corner of our bedroom is all shades of yellow ochre & brown - the seed head design is fabulous and echoes the shape of the clock on the wall above. We think it looks great in its new home!

detail of framed artwork by Jane Blease

She produces these intricate & distinctive pieces using coloured embroidery threads and wood veneers. As well as framed artworks she makes light shades, jewellery and accessories. We’ve admired her displays at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair and have featured her work in previous posts.

If you like the look of her work check out Jane’s shop!

14 March 12

Wednesday Wish: Trip down to London

Yayoi Kusama surrounded by a selection of her paintings

We’ve not made a trip down to London in YEARS! It’s not that far for us to travel - only about five hours away, but Fudge isn’t good at spending time in kennels.

self portrait by Lucian Freud

There are two art exhibitions on at the moment in the capital that we’d really love to see - completely different work, but equally exciting. They are the Yayoi Kasama at Tate Modern and Lucian Freud at the National Portrait Gallery.

They both run until early summer, so hopefully we’ll manage to fit in a visit! Have you been to see either? Are there any others you’d recommend? Let us know!

21 February 12

Tuesday Huesday: Jennifer Maravillas’ cityscapes

artwork entitled

We’ve just discovered Jennifer Maravillas, a USA-based, self-titled, “Transcontinental Cartographer”. Many of her cityscape works bring to mind the illustrations of one of our favourite artists, Miroslav Sasek.

Her prints are very reasonably priced - so get yourself over to her shop!

24 January 12

Tuesday Huesday: Charley Harper’s Octoberama

Charley Harper's

Longtime followers of our blog will know that we love the art of Charley Harper. This one, entitle “Octoberama” is one of our favourites!  He was very prolific and his work can be found as originals artworks, prints, books, calendars, stationery, mouse mats… the list goes on & on… all of which can be bought from either the Charley Harper estate website or Amazon UK or USA.

21 October 11

Prize in the Post

Bridget Riley exhibition catalogue still in its brown postal envelope

Adelle entered an online competition recently. Up for grabs on the Vintage by Hemingway blog were 3 copies of a Bridget Riley catalogue - and she won!! This is the package that arrived this week.

Bridget Riley exhibition catalogue just taken out of its packaging

The catalogue has been produced to accompany an exhibition of the artist’s work being held at Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge.

letter of congratulations for winning the catalogue from VintageWayne Hemingway's return address label

And, taking a quick peek inside, here are a few of Bridget Riley’s classic & influential designs.

page from the Bridget Riley catalogue showing page from the Bridget Riley catalogue showing

page from the Bridget Riley catalogue showing page from the Bridget Riley catalogue showing

We’ll enjoy reading our copy - thanks to the guys at Vintage by Hemingway!

P.S. - The exhibition has just been extended until 31st December 2011.

9 September 11

O is for… Owl

detail from a brown vintage pottery money box in the shape of an owl

These are the big eyes of our latest owl - in this case a pottery money box.

pottery pan trivet / pot stand in the shape of an owlpottery pan trivet / pot stand in the shape of an owl

vintage tin money box with owl decorationvintage pottery mug with owl face in relief on the side

They never stay with us long as these feathered friends are consistently popular in our shop.

green glazed vintage owl figure produced by Lotus Pottery

Whether in the form of money boxes, mugs, pot stands, textile prints, pictures or book illustrations.

small vintage white lustre pottery figure in the shape of an owlsmall vintage Shelf Pottery owl figure

vintage white pottery mug with transfer printed owl figurebrown vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with transfer printed owl decoration designed by John Clappison

We’ve blogged a fair few times about the great illustrator, Kenneth Townsend. He designed the cutest owl as part of his Menagerie series - apparently the owl was his favourite animal!

vintage Kenneth Townsend pottery owl tile

Another wonderful illustrator with a thing for owls was Celestino Piatti who once said, “You can draw an owl a thousand times, and never find out its secret”.

mosaic of vintage Celestino Piatti owl illustrations
image credit: Fishink

We’ve had a quick trawl on the web for some more owls - here are some favourites:

cover from vintage book,
image credit: Vintage Kids’ Books my Kid Loves

bright orange ceramic owl available from Anthropologie
Wise Ol’ Canister, Orange: £118 - Anthropologie

Happy owl open edition print by Matte Stephens on Etsy
Happy owl open edition print by Matte Stephens: $35 - Etsy

image credit: mmmcrafts

vintage german matchbox cover with owl illustration
image credit: Shailesh Chavda

9 August 11

Tuesday Huesday: José Pedro Costigliolo

José Pedro Costigliolo painting, Abstraction (still life), 1948Abstraction (still life), 1948

Welcome to a new slot on our blog entitled Tuesday Huesday, where we highlight a pattern, artwork, interior, illustration, clothing etc whose colour combination catches our eye.

(still life), 1948

We start off with the Uruguayan artist, José Pedro Costigliolo (1902-1985), whose work is very reminiscent of the cubist style.

Many thanks to Kevin Anzalone of Mid-Centuria for introducing us to this wonderful artist!

Original images via Castells, Uruguay.

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