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6 July 14

Pick of the Pads: Past Perfect

Pick of the Pads: Past Perfect

"Pick of the Pads" blog post banner

White house exterior in Country Living magazine June 2014

It didn’t take much thought for our choice for Pick of the Pads this month.

Country Living June 2014 magazine cover

We’re already quite familiar with this gorgeous Welsh cottage, Bryn Eglur, owned & renovated by Dorian Bowen – and when it appeared in this month’s Country Living Magazine we just had to share it with you.

'Past Perfect' article title page from Country Living magazine June 2014

For Justin in particular, it’s a real favourite house from years of scouring interiors magazines.

'Antique dresser in Country Living magazine June 2014

The word…

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21 January 14

Forthcoming Attractions: Late January 2014

In addition to our web shop, we also sell items from the antiques centre in Todmorden.

We tend…

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23 October 13

Antique stools

We’ve got a selection of antique stools for this week’s little pop-up shop. They’re full of…

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10 February 12

Friday Folks - Kiera Buckley-Jones

three vintage Welsh wool blankets hanging from the wooden handrail of a humpback bridge

If we hadn’t started H is for Home, I (Adelle) would have loved to be an interiors stylist on a glossy homes magazine. This week’s Friday Folks interviewee, Kiera Buckley-Jones, is actually living (and working) that dream! We’ve known Kiera since the really early days of H is for Home and she regularly features our wares in her photo shoots. We were glad of this opportunity to find out a bit more about her working life.

green dotted horizontal line

Who are you & what do you do?
I’m Kiera Buckley-Jones and I’m the in-house stylist at Homes & Antiques magazine. This involves organising photo shoots, producing shopping pages and coming up with ideas of how to show antique and vintage collectables at their best.

portrait of Kiera Buckley-Jones

How did you get into the business?
I started by doing work experience at various homes magazines in London, which was a great opportunity to get some hands-on shoot experience. Through these placements I met a number of stylists who I then assisted over the years, learning on the job. When the opportunity came up at Homes & Antiques, it really was a dream position as I’ve always loved going to jumble sales, collecting and history; and now I get to combine all these interests in each feature/project I work on.

Homes and Antiques magazine logo

Who or what inspires you?

Old magazines and films are great reference tools. I’m also inspired by collectors (and I meet a lot of these), people who are passionate, knowledgeable and have dedicated their lives to their subject.

Selection of Mdina glass from a page in the March 2012 Homes and Antiques magazine

What has been your greatest success?
It was tremendous fun working on the Hemingways’ Museum of 51 last summer at the Southbank. I was given the task of creating a Homes & Antiques 1950s living room to reflect the design of the period. I begun my research by looking at old footage of the Festival of Britain site at the Southbank and reading home improvement magazines of the early fifties. The room needed to reflect the optimism of the period, the colour and the sense of the ‘new’.

room set styled by Kiera Buckley-Jones from the at the

Have you got any advice for someone wanting to break into the business?
Get as much experience as you can, as you never know when it will come in handy. Not only will this help you develop your skills, you’ll also meet lots of contacts along the way.

three antique Welsh country chairs under a vintage wall map

19 August 11

Bookmarks: The Way We Live in the Country

cover of

It’s been a real pleasure reviewing this book - it’s right up our street - or right up our country lane as the case may be!

page showing a simple country chair from

This is the second review we’ve written in the The Way We Live… series, the first being The Way We Live With the Things We Love

page showing dining table & chairs in front of an open fire from

As the title suggests, this one is concerned with all things rustic & rural…

double page spread showing different tabletops from

…the landscape, the lifestyle, the buildings & their interiors.

inside front cover of

Once again, there’s a wonderful introduction by author Stafford Cliff.

page showing eight different country landscape views throughout the seasons from

As with all good introductions, it not only gives a  broad overview of the subject - it also creates atmosphere and whets the appetite for the pages that follow.

page showing antique racks from

He begins with this magical image:

"Many years ago, long before mobile phones or sat-nav, I went to visit a friend who lived in central France. As the light began to fade, my companions and I found ourselves driving along narrow roads in open farmland with our map and our directions running out. Suddenly up ahead we noticed a narrow track leading through fields to a distant farmhouse. We knew that we had arrived at the right place because every few feet along both sides of this road my friend had placed old jam jars containing little flickering candles. The effect was heart-stopping and memorable, and it said ‘Welcome’ in a way no words ever could. The scene comes to mind again now, because it distills the special qualities of living in the country, or visiting those who do."

page showing candlelit courtyard from

The book comprises five main chapters - Country Landscapes, The House in the Country, Traditional Homes, Contemporary Homes and Country Details.

page showing an antique chair in front of an open fire from

It’s great to see traditional & contemporary homes in the same book - the different interpretations of country living.

double page spread showing whitewashed dining table with metal bistro-type chairs from

The blend of the two is just our kind of look - mixing antique country furniture with vintage ceramics & textiles from the 1950s & 60s.

page featuring different windows with deep sills from

A tool used throughout the book is page spreads of images comparing similar house details in different parts of the world.

page showing detail of wooden chair backs from

It’s perfect for a quick flick through, but also stands up to deeper scrutiny.

coffer and antique pottery urns at the bottom of a stairway from

The gorgeous photographs taken by the late Gilles De Chabaneix are accompanied by insightful captions - adding detail & context.

large wooden table with runner from

We have a handful of books that we gravitate towards - this one has joined their ranks.

double page spread showing an open fire with oatcakes drying above and a rustic, antique cast iron stove from

This is a great book for providing interior decoration inspiration.

attic bedroom with exposed rafters from

The mood of the subject simply washes over you. It’s very odd, but you almost sigh with relaxation - a sense of well-being & calm descending as you flick through the wonderful landscapes & houses.

page showing six different rustic kitchens from

There’s only one question left to answer - Do we recommend the book?

rustic hand basin with recess above from

antique wooden table & chairs with yellow pottery bowl in the foreground from

Well it’s probably quite obvious by now - if you share our love of country living or country influenced interiors, then this is a must have book.

antique Winsdor chair in a room in the eaves from

vintage blue & white bistro chairs on a patio from

We’re sure you’ll revisit it over & over again.

rustic table & chairs under a low, vaulted brick ceiling from

double page spread showing an old stone flagged floor with sunlight streaming through from

The Way We Live in the Country is available from the publishers, Thames & Hudson and also from the H s for Home UK & US aStores.

double page spread showing an antique chairs & set table with lit candles at dusk outside a rustic whitewashed building from

photo of an old man holding a large pumpkin from

[Many thanks to Thames & Hudson for providing this review copy]

27 July 11

Wednesday Wish: 27 July 2011

Georgian leather wing back armchair sold at Wilkinson's Auctioneers, Doncaster

We’ve been looking for an antique Chesterfield armchair for ages. This beautiful Georgian leather wing back that recently came up for sale at Wilkinson’s Auctioneers ticked all the boxes.

It sold for £1,150.00 (before fees & tax) - not cheap, but we’ve had twinges of regret ever since… our search continues!

3 February 10

Perfect Pitch!

Perfect Pitch blog banner

We recently decided to upgrade our space in the local antiques centre from a cabinet to a room-sized pitch. It will enable us to sell a much wider variety of items. It’s our usual mix of mid-century modern, handmade objects and rustic antiques.

There’s enamelware, ceramics, glass and fabrics… we’ve had some fantastic vintage posters framed for the walls… there are clocks, lighting and larger pieces of furniture.

It’s been quite a busy week - there are slideshows below charting the move.

(Items cluttering up our lounge, waiting to go)

(boxes to unpack, shelves to put up & pictures to hang)

(More tweaking will surely be done, but we’re happy with the result so far)

Come pay us a visit if you’re ever in the area!

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