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3 May 14

Charity Vintage: Hornsea Muramic

Charity Vintage: Hornsea Muramic

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Three Hornsea Muramic wall plaques for sale by & on behalf of British Heart Foundation(earliest listing ends 5 May, 2014 20:23:17 BST)

The British Heart Foundation* is currently auctioning four vintage framed Hornsea Muramic wall plaques. A stylised pheasant, two dove-like birds and a woman. They were all designed by John Clappison for Hornsea Pottery in the 1970s. They don’t come up for sale that often – the last girl sold for £98 and the last two pheasants went for £75 and…

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30 November 13

Charity Vintage: Hornsea mug collection

(ends 1 Dec, 2013 20:04:48 GMT)

At the moment we have 1,300 images uploaded to our Flickr photo…

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9 April 12

Forthcoming Attractions: Early April 2012

vintage Lena & Al Eklund tin coasters and vintage jigsaw with hey diddle diddle nursery rhyme illustration

We’ve assembled some new items that we’ve picked up recently. They’re all arranged on a lovely vintage kitchenette - itself a recent auction purchase.

vintage Lena & Al Eklund tin coasters and vintage jigsaw with hey diddle diddle nursery rhyme illustration

We often put these kitchenettes in our antiques centre shop - they’re good sellers and an added advantage is that they’re great for displaying lots of other items whilst they wait for someone to give them a good home. They require varying amounts of work when we buy them - a good wash usually - then painting, fresh lining paper etc. This one’s had its thorough wash, but apart from that, it’s good to go. We like its caramel colour and daisy patterned paper.

pair of vintage perpetual calendars

Moving onto the smaller items - two perpetual calendars to start with - one wooden, one red-orange plastic. Both probably dating from the 1970s. Perfect for the home office desk or shelf.

TG Green Domino spotted cream jug and vintage Worcester Ware coffee tin

Also sitting on the upper shelves are this pottery jug & coffee tin - slightly earlier in vintage - both 1950s/60s.  The jug was produced by T G Green and is from the ‘Domino’ range - we like the colour and simple polka dot design - ideal as a milk jug or for displaying cut flowers.

vintage Worcester Ware coffee tin

The coffee tin was produced by Worcester Ware. They made some lovely metalware items around this time - storage tins, placemats, serving trays, waste paper bins and so on.

set of vintage Lena & Al Eklund tin coasters

Sticking with the metalware theme, we have this very vibrant set of coasters. These were designed by Lena & Al Eklund and produced by Launds Lonborg of Denmark. Are they fruit trees or flowers?

vintage jigsaw with hey diddle diddle nursery rhyme illustration

Next to the coasters on the main photo is this fabulous children’s wooden jigsaw. It features the nursery rhyme, ‘Hey diddle, diddle’. It was made by Arrow Games Ltd and we guess it dates from the 1960s. We love the illustration - it is signed by the artist ‘Hutchings’ although we haven’t established a first name yet - perhaps someone out there knows?

vintage Mousie Mousie party game

This sweet little party game will be of a similar age - this one produced by Spears Games. Justin says he’s got some vague memories of playing this with his Granny. Who needs an X-box when you’ve got ‘Mousie-Mousie’?

pair of vintage Thermos flasks

With summer approaching, thoughts turn to picnics, camping and trips to the beach. Colourful melamine and vintage Thermos flasks always prove popular from now until November.

pair of vintage Thermos flasks

This sweet little vase was made by Hornsea Pottery and is part of their ‘Rainbow’ range. There were lots of shapes made in this pattern - plant pots, vases, ashtrays and cruet sets.

vintage saucepan on atomic wire pan stand

To the left of the main photo is this tall pan stand - the red ‘atomic’ ball feet are a nice touch. On it sits a set of three aluminium saucepans with teak handles - they’re totally unused and  have a great stylised flower design in eye-catching orange & blue.

various vintage enamel kitchenalia items

We always make sure we have a selection of enamelware in stock. Its always popular as it gives a vintage feel to the most modern of kitchens, without breaking the bank!.

9 September 11

O is for… Owl

detail from a brown vintage pottery money box in the shape of an owl

These are the big eyes of our latest owl - in this case a pottery money box.

pottery pan trivet / pot stand in the shape of an owlpottery pan trivet / pot stand in the shape of an owl

vintage tin money box with owl decorationvintage pottery mug with owl face in relief on the side

They never stay with us long as these feathered friends are consistently popular in our shop.

green glazed vintage owl figure produced by Lotus Pottery

Whether in the form of money boxes, mugs, pot stands, textile prints, pictures or book illustrations.

small vintage white lustre pottery figure in the shape of an owlsmall vintage Shelf Pottery owl figure

vintage white pottery mug with transfer printed owl figurebrown vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with transfer printed owl decoration designed by John Clappison

We’ve blogged a fair few times about the great illustrator, Kenneth Townsend. He designed the cutest owl as part of his Menagerie series - apparently the owl was his favourite animal!

vintage Kenneth Townsend pottery owl tile

Another wonderful illustrator with a thing for owls was Celestino Piatti who once said, “You can draw an owl a thousand times, and never find out its secret”.

mosaic of vintage Celestino Piatti owl illustrations
image credit: Fishink

We’ve had a quick trawl on the web for some more owls - here are some favourites:

cover from vintage book,
image credit: Vintage Kids’ Books my Kid Loves

bright orange ceramic owl available from Anthropologie
Wise Ol’ Canister, Orange: £118 - Anthropologie

Happy owl open edition print by Matte Stephens on Etsy
Happy owl open edition print by Matte Stephens: $35 - Etsy

image credit: mmmcrafts

vintage german matchbox cover with owl illustration
image credit: Shailesh Chavda

27 May 11

Mug Shots

collection of vintage Hornsea Pottery mugs

We posted a blog recently featuring the ‘love mug’ series produced by Hornsea Pottery in the 1970s.

The company is famous for their mugs - so we photographed a few more examples whilst we were sorting through our ‘Hornsea box’.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with newsprint toucansvintage Hornsea Pottery Libra mug

They feature a vast array of designs and commemorate all manner of events.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with buildingsvintage Hornsea Pottery World's Greatest Fisherman mug

The love mugs were the work of Kenneth Townsend, but the main name associated with Hornsea Pottery is John Clappison. He’s certainly the name that collectors look out for.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mugvintage Hornsea Pottery mug with fish

Some examples are quite rare and attract strong prices.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug of knight with shieldvintage Hornsea Pottery mug with witches

They’re now often kept safe as display pieces and you can understand why. The company has long since closed down, so the number of surviving pieces can only decrease.

You have to be quite brave to use them for your everyday brew…

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with newsprint owlsvintage Hornsea Pottery mug with owls

…but if you do, they’re sure to give you a bit of pleasure with every sip.

vintage Hornsea Pottery Aries mug

Justin has his Aries star sign mug. He doesn’t take any notice of his horoscope, but he loves this fabulous design… and being reminded of all of his positive traits at the start of each day!!

13 May 11

Forthcoming Attractions: May 2011

new items at H is for Home, May 2011 including vintage Arabia plate, 1950s aluminium flour, sugar and cereal storage tins, T G Green pottery storage jars and green pottery fish plate

Here are some of our favourite recent purchases - picked up at auction & flea markets over the past couple of weeks.

new items at H is for Home, May 2011 including vintage child's sewing machine in original box, Hornsea pottery owl mug and aluminium measuring cup

Items range from a 19th century country Windsor chair to 1970s alarm clock. There’s some lovely pottery including a large Arabia plate and 1950s handpainted pieces by Glyn Colledge. Also a nice selection of vintage kitchenalia and the best child’s sewing machine we’ve ever come across! For a full listing see below.

selection of new vintage items 1n the H is for Home shop

  1. antique stickback Windsor chair
  2. Campden Pottery dish decorated with an incised cockerel figure
  3. child’s 1950s Vulcan sewing machine
  4. trio of 1970s T G Green tea, coffee & sugar containers
  5. aluminium measuring cup
  6. wooden perpetual desk calendar
  7. Hornsea Pottery owl mug
  8. large Arabia plate designed by Raija Uosikkinen
  9. hand painted Glyn Colledge/Langley Pottery vase
  10. lemon yellow alarm clock
  11. vintage 1950s Tala aluminium flour, sugar and cereal canisters
  12. striped pottery oil/vinegar pot
  13. handmade Eldfast Hoganas Keramik fish plate
  14. hand painted Glyn Colledge/Denby Pottery atomic pin dish
  15. atomic, wall mountable wire plant pot holder

We’re hoping to make this a regular post. It will enable us preview items about to hit the shop - and also share with you photos of goodies that might just take that bit longer to be prised away.

26 August 08

S is for…

Essential for seasoning… they need storing, sprinkling, pinching, grinding and shaking. There are endless possibilities to enable all these things. Starting with the traditional matching salt & pepper pots… they’re made from pottery, glass, metal, plastic and wood.

As these pots are often left on permanent display, it’s a great opportunity for showing off a bit of good design, striking pattern or flash of colour. These gorgeous Cathrineholm examples manage to combine all three…

We also like pinch pots - they’re great for salt crystals or flakes - and coarse, ground pepper.

We keep these John Clappison-designed Hornsea pinch pots in our kitchen table. They were originally intended as ashtrays, but are the perfect size & shape for this alternative use.

Larger pinch pots & salt pigs are great for keeping beside the stove for everyday cooking use.

These wooden pinch pots are actually antique cheese moulds - again they’re ideal for their new function. A salt pig is one of the best containers to keep by the cooker as it allows for a good scoop or handful when adding to boiling water for pasta, rice, vegetables etc.

If you prefer your salt in a sealed container there are lots of options here too!

And finally grinders… these make light work of salt crystals & whole peppercorns - releasing aromas and flavours right at the point of serving. The undoubted master of the grinder is designer Jens Quistgaard, with his numerous examples produced for Dansk Designs. There is, in fact, a book available entirely dedicated to the subject - Danish Pepper: Jens Quistgaard’s Teak Pepper Mills (Amazon USA)

As you can see from the cover, their sculptural forms and beautiful grain makes for a stunning grouping. We’ve just decided that we may have to start a collection of our own!!

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18 April 08

C is for…

C is for coffee image

What makes that perfect coffee break?

photo of espresso maker, pottery cup and chocolate bar

Well designed machines to make it in…

orange Rowenta coffee machineorange Rowenta coffee machine

Striking pots to serve it in…

group of vintage coffee pots

Vintage Denby Arabesque coffee potVintage Pontessa coffee potVintage Meakin Aztec coffee pot

Beautiful cups to drink it from…

group of hand thrown pottery mugs

Vintage Thomas porcelain trioVintage Staffordshire trio

Vintage Hornsea Bronte trioVintage Stavangarflint June trio

Vintage Elizabethan Portobello cup and saucerVintage Studio Meakin cup and saucer

And not forgetting… cosies to keep it warm!

collection of hand knitted cosy coasters

hand knitted cosy coasterhand knitted cosy coaster

Coffee time @ H is for Home

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh