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1 October 14

£300 John Lewis voucher giveaway

£300 John Lewis voucher giveaway

'£300 John Lewis voucher giveaway' blog post banner

Everest Home Improvements' Ronnie the Robot

Win £300 to spend at John Lewis with Everest Home Improvements’ Ronnie the Robot!

With the launch of Everest’s new loveable little robot, Ronnie, we’re excited to give our readers the chance to win £300 worth of John Lewis vouchers. All you need to do is answer one simple question in the comments section below:

What would you do with your very own Ronnie to help around the house?

Every answer…

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30 September 14


'Happy!' blog post banner

pair of large vintage happy badges

Feeling a bit glum? These huge, groovy 1970s tin badges should help lift your mood – ‘think happy’ and ‘be happy’.

rear view of a pair of large vintage happy badges

They were thrown in for free with another purchase at a recent flea market. Happy indeed! :-)

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29 September 14

Etsy List: Pretty in Pink

Etsy List: Pretty in Pink

'Etsy List' blog post banner

'Pretty in Pink' Etsy List by H is for HomeWhen chosing vintage interior items for this Etsy List post, I realised that we don’t actuallly have anything pink in our own home. I think the last time I had any pink interior highlights was when I was in my teens. My bedroom walls were painted pink… with a purple & grey zig zag stripe – it was all very 80s!

I love the colour – at least the shades at the shocking, magenta and fuchsia end of…

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28 September 14

Vintage industrial mill trolley

Vintage industrial mill trolley

'Vintage industrial mill trolley' blog post banner

vintage industrial mill trolley

We recently sold this fabulous vintage mill trolley which proved to be a very popular item. They have such a great industrial look which is much in demand – and they can be put to all kinds of uses too. They look good with a pile of vintage suitcases on top and make wonderful log stores beside a wood-burning stove. They sit well in a conservatory or garden with plant pots on top – and can also…

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27 September 14

Charity Vintage: Uniflex drawers

Charity Vintage: Uniflex drawers

'Charity Vintage' blog post banner

Vintage Uniflex chest of drawers (ends 30 Sep, 2014 11:10:34 BST)

St Vincent Support Centre* is currently selling a couple of pieces of vintage Uniflex furniture but this chest of drawers is what caught our eye. Clean of line, easy on the eye and with beautifully contrasting teak and sycamore woods, it’s currently for sale on eBay for Charity with an opening price of £69.99.

We’ve seen the very same model currently for sale…

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26 September 14

Gimme Five! Cast iron candle holders

Gimme Five! Cast iron candle holders

'Gimme Five' blog post banner

selection of 5 cast iron candle holders

Last night, we had the fire in our den lit for the first time this autumn. We welcome autumn & winter in our house when they come around. Ours is a real cold weather, snuggle up with blankets and cushions and fairy lights kind of home!

At this time of year, at the end of each day, we love to retreat upstairs; and part of the evening’s routine involves getting the fire started and getting the…

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25 September 14

Cakes & Bakes: Yorkshire curd tarts

Cakes & Bakes: Yorkshire curd tarts

'Cakes & Bakes' blog post banner

detailed view of two Yorkshire curd tarts

I’d never eaten Yorkshire curd tarts before I’d moved to Yorkshire. I’ve never eaten a home made one until this week – just supermarket-bought… which were nice, but just nice. If you’ve never had one, I’d say they’re a cross between a cross between an Eccles cake, cheesecake and an egg custard tart.

They’ve been made since the 17th century, usually around Whitsuntide, using leftover curds from…

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23 September 14

Bookmarks: Decorating with Colour

Bookmarks: Decorating with Colour

'Bookmarks' blog post banner

Farrow & Ball 'Decorating with Colour' book by Ros Byam Shaw with photography by Jan Baldwin

This is one of our favourite books at the moment – we’re dipping in & out of it all the time!

brightly coloured home office

It’s entitled, Farrow & Ball – Decorating with Colour.

title page from Farrow & Ball 'Decorating with Colour' book by Ros Byam Shaw with photography by Jan Baldwin

It’s beautifully written by Ros Byam Shaw with stunning photography by Jan Baldwin.

mahogany paintwork

We tour around Europe, visiting some truly gorgeous homes that incorporate Farrow & Ball products into their decorating schemes.

log pile

There’s no doubting that Ros is…

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22 September 14

Etsy List: You bug me

Etsy List: You bug me

'Etsy List' blog post banner

'You bug me' Etsy List by H is for HomeAre you afraid of creepie-crawlies? Do you suffer from entomophobia, apiphobia, arachnophobia or myrmecophobia? We can promise you that you’ll love our selection of vintage bugs in this week’s Etsy List.

From a colourful, vintage ladybird poster to insects suspended in a piece of Baltic amber. There’s nothing to fear here. But could you sleep soundly at night under a duvet covered in giant…

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21 September 14

Bernard Buffet still life

Bernard Buffet still life

'Bernard Buffet still life' blog post banner

Bernard Buffet still life vintage print

Adelle bought herself this Bernard Buffet still life print for her birthday way back in November last year. It’s entitled Nature morte a la citrouille or Still Life with Pumpkin and was originally painted in 1955. This print was made in the 1970s.

detail of signiture on Bernard Buffet still life vintage print

We’ve blogged about Bernard Buffet before, he’s one of our favourite artists.

Bernard Buffet still life vintage print above a wrought iron bed

We finally got it framed – a great job done by the friendly folks at

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20 September 14

Charity Vintage: Kilner jars

Charity Vintage: Kilner jars

'Charity Vintage' blog post banner

collection of vintage Kilner jars for sale by & in support of Wesley Community Furniture(ends 23 Sep, 2014 20:07:23 BST)

With all the jam, jelly and preserve making that I’ve been doing this summer, I’m almost clean out of jars. I always give away a lot of what I make to family & friends so the jars are never to be seen again. This collection of 16 vintage Kilner jars for sale by & in support of Wesley Community Furniture* would set me up nicely again.

Kilner jars are great for…

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19 September 14

Gimme Five! Red wine glasses

Gimme Five! Red wine glasses

'Gimme Five' blog post banner

selection of 5 types of red wine glasses

Well, it was on the cards for quite a while. We were down to our last two red wine glasses when one got broken whilst taking it out of the cupboard.

We found a set of four in a local charity shop about two years ago. They were really cheap – £2.50 the lot – but they were great quality and each held almost an entire bottle! They’re quite fragile, they make that lovely, lead crystal ringing sound…

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18 September 14

Preserved plums

'Preserved plums' blog post banner

washed plums in an aluminium colander

Justin’s parents’ neighbours have a few different fruit trees in their garden. In the past couple of years, we’ve had some of the harvest. Last year we made spiced apple chutney, the year before apple cheese. This year, we picked almost 5 kilos of plums – the sweetest, ripest plums we’d ever tasted!

spiced plum chutney ingredients

We both ate half a dozen each in a couple of days but we would never be able to work our way…

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17 September 14

World Dolls Series: Germany

World Dolls Series: Germany

'World Dolls Series' blog post banner

World Dolls Series: Germany children's book cover

As promised, we’ve arrived in Germany for the next leg of our tour in the World Doll Series of books.

Front inside cover of World Dolls Series: Germany children's book

Charming illustrations once more – this time the work of W. Lewis from the Birmingham School of Design.

map showing Munich from World Dolls Series: Germany children's book

Our German guides are Gretel & Gunther who spend a lot of time singing & dancing when they’re not shepherding us lot around.

illustration of German dolls standing on a table

We’re taken on a trip through a land of contrasts.

line drawing of Berlin


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16 September 14

Creative Collections: Glass floats

Creative Collections: Glass floats

'Creative Collections' blog post banner

collection of vintage glass floats

We’ve chosen glass fishing floats for this week’s Creative Collections post – we love the subtle colour variations and irregularities in shape.

collection of vintage glass floats

Glass floats originated in Norway in about 1840. Christopher Faye, a Norwegian merchant, in collaboration with the Hadelands Glass Works, is credited with their invention. Early examples were hand blown, later the glass was injected into wooden moulds…

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