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21 October 14

Is a wet room right for you?

Is a wet room right for you?

'Is a wet room right for you?' blog post banner

Aquadart wet room walk through from the Bella Bathrooms website

So – is a wet room right for you? There’s certainly no shortage of reasons to consider installing one. For starters they look great!   The selection of photos we’ve chosen to accompany this post testify to that. A well-designed wet room should be clean and minimalist. You can luxe it up with added extras – glass panels, power showers, underfloor heating, anti-fog mirrors, heated towel rails and…

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20 October 14

Etsy List: Hexagon Hive

Etsy List: Hexagon Hive

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'Hexagon Hive' Etsy list by H is for HomeDid you know that the hexagon – a six-sided polygon – is the most efficient and economical shape in nature? That’s why bees build their honeycomb using this shape. Unlike circles, hexagons leave no gaps when interlocked. And when compressed, the shape makes the structure even stronger… clever bees!

When you look into it, you’ll find there are lots of hexagons in nature – the Giant’s Causeway in…

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19 October 14

Monthly Mood Board: Organised craft room

Monthly Mood Board: Organised craft room

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'Organised craft room' mood board

We have a spare bedroom in our house that has been earmarked as a work room. It’s currently acting as a spill-over stock room, but the dream is for it to be a craft room. Well, part organised craft room and part creative home office.

One of the main considerations for a craft room is storage. I like and need order in a work room – everything in its place and conveniently to hand. Although…

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18 October 14

Charity Vintage: Cathrineholm milk pan

Charity Vintage: Cathrineholm milk pan

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vintage Cathrineholm milk pan for sale on eBay for Charity by & in support of Midleton Elderly Aid
(ends 23 Oct, 2014 18:10:56 BST)

This vintage orange on white Cathrineholm milk pan is currently being auctioned on eBay for Charity.  It’s been listed with just a single photograph which shows a bit of scorching to the wooden handle. However, the enamel looks to be in very good nick. It’s for sale by & in support of Midleton Elderly Aid over in Leeds.

Unfortunately, they’ve spelt Cathrineholm…

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17 October 14

Gimme Five! Wool warmers

Gimme Five! Wool warmers

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'Wool warmers' Gimme Five collection

It was National Wool Week here in the UK last week and to celebrate, the Campaign for Wool launched their Interiors Collection. “A curated edit of over fifty wool interior pieces, including a selection of specially commissioned items.”

Our favourites were London Transport Museum’s District moquette dog coat and the Woolroom’s sheep stool.

We’ve decided to put our own mini interiors collection…

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16 October 14

Salted toffee popcorn

'Salted toffee popcorn' blog post banner

salted toffee popcorn | H is for Home

Popcorn is a ‘superfood’. It’s low in calories, fat, sugar and salt and high in fibre, protein, magnesium, iron, B1, B2, B6… You could almost live on popcorn alone!

If a healthy option is what you’re after, you’ve come to the wrong place. We’ve taken this healthy & delicious snack and morphed it into a devilish delight – salted toffee popcorn. It doesn’t take long to transform – a mere 10…

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15 October 14

Allotment Diary: Clearing up, winding down

Allotment Diary: Clearing up, winding down

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cabbage, apples and potatoes from our allotment

Autumn is well & truly here – and our weekend visit to the allotment certainly proved it.

ripening tomatoes on our allotment

It was a beautiful sunny day, but the unmistakable signs of nature winding down for the year were all around.

collecting fallen leaves into a wheelbarrow

We picked a few remaining crops and cleared fallen leaves & beech masts.

robin on our allotment

Within seconds, our canny little friend appeared to snack on freshly uncovered worms & insects.

chilli apple compote made from windfall apples

Justin didn’t go hungry…

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14 October 14

Creative Collections: Vintage printing blocks

Creative Collections: Vintage printing blocks

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pile of wooden vintage printing blocks

We love typography and fonts – and have amassed quite a collection of vintage letters & numbers in various forms – printing blocks, stencils and old retail signage.

details of a pile of wooden vintage printing blocks

We’ll concentrate on wooden vintage printing blocks for this edition of Creative Collections. Aren’t they wonderful? The array of wood grain & colour, sizes and shapes.

details of a pile of wooden vintage printing blocks

One of those perfect things to collect over the years that…

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13 October 14

Etsy List: Spring forward, Fall back

Etsy List: Spring forward, Fall back

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'Spring forward, Fall back' Etsy List curated by H is for HomeThe clocks go back (or is it forwards?) on the 26th of October this year – it always happens on the last Sunday of October. We’ll go from British Summer Time (BST) or ‘daylight saving time’ back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) at 1am.

For ages I couldn’t get to grips with this bi-annual time change – it’s not practiced in Trinidad where I grew up. The sudden change to dark evenings still affects me…

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11 October 14

Charity Vintage: Anstey and Wilson starburst clock

Charity Vintage: Anstey and Wilson starburst clock

'Charity Vintage' blog post banner

vintage Anstey and Wilson starburst clock for sale by & in support of Isabel Hospice
(ends 17 Oct, 2014 15:20:39 BST)

This vintage Anstey and Wilson starburst clock is currently for sale on eBay for Charity by & in support of Isabel Hospice*.

Anstey and Wilson were a Birmingham-based electro plated ware manufacturering company and appear to have been trading right up until the late 1990s when it was dissolved.

They produced lots of different designs of starburst/sunburst clocks…

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10 October 14

Gimme Five! Bathroom magazine racks

Gimme Five! Bathroom magazine racks

'Gimme Five' blog post banner

selection of 5 bathroom magazine racks

Sometimes the bathroom is the only place you can get time to yourself – especially if you have a dog like ours who parks himself outside the door and waits for you to finish!

My dad will kill me for saying this, but he had (and perhaps still does) a daily routine that involved a cigarette, the newspaper and the toilet. We didn’t get driven to school until this morning ritual had been completed.…

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9 October 14

Cakes & Bakes: Lemon curd

Cakes & Bakes: Lemon curd

'Cakes & Bakes' blog post banner

Lemon curd layered sponge cake | H is for Home

For someone who claims to hate lemons, I sure cook a lot of lemon-based Cakes & Bakes recipes!

This week, I needed one lemon for something or other but saw one of those string bags of lemons in the supermarket for a whole 25p – cheaper than buying it singly.

I ended up with half a dozen lemons in the fruit bowl that needed using up. More drizzle cake? Cookies? Sorbet? Meringue?

I’ll let you in…

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8 October 14

Vintage acupuncture charts

'Vintage acupuncture charts' blog post banner

four vintage acupuncture charts

These charts are a very interesting & unusual recent purchase.

four vintage acupuncture chart showing all the body parts

They’re vintage acupuncture charts featuring the body’s muscle & bone structure, needle points and meridian lines. Everything required to balance that chi!! The charts are mounted on board with holes in each corner to hang. There are some areas of water damage, but the images & colours are so striking that it’s this that catches…

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7 October 14

Mid century companion set

Mid century companion set

'Mid century companion set' blog post banner

stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

We bought this fabulous 1950s/60s coal bucket & matching fireside companion set last week. Although there’s a good selection of great looking sets being manufactured today, we don’t come across many stylish examples from this period.

tools from a stainless steel & teak mid century companion setcoal bucket from a stainless steel & teak mid century companion set

The only other ones that spring to mind are a couple of atomic sets that we sold many years ago. They’re usually very traditional looking affairs, often made of…

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6 October 14

Etsy List: If you go down to the woods today…

Etsy List: If you go down to the woods today…

'Etsy List' blog post banner

'If you go down to the woods today' Etsy List by H is for HomeWe love walking Fudge in the woods near our house – it takes on such a magical quality in the autumn.

The colour; the earthy smell; the sound of crisp, dry leaves underfoot; squirrels darting here & there up trunks and between branches; mushrooms poking up through the leaf litter.

Yesterday, I (Adelle) was lucky to get a long look at two startled deer leaping away – it was the first time I’d…

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