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19 August 14

Asda Home

'Asda Home' blog post banner

King-sized bed made with linen from Asda Home

One of life’s little pleasures is getting into a bed with freshly laundered sheets. Even better is brand new bedding from top to toe!

New bed linen & bedding from Asda Home

We’ve been meaning to have a complete bedding revamp for a while. Everything was due a change. So this week’s delivery from Asda Home was much anticipated. New duvet, new pillows, new sheets, new duvet cover… bliss!!

Vase of sunflowers and antique mannequin with new bed linen & bedding from Asda Home

We chose memory foam pillows(recommended for…

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17 August 14

Locker clean up

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Word cloud decal on a renovated storage locker

Justin picked up an old metal storage locker last week. Initially, it was going to be a case of a quick wash then off to the antiques centre. We then decided it would make a great home for all our cleaning stuff which is scattered around the house in various corners & cupboards. So it became an up-cycling project instead.

partly undercoated green locker

The weather was still gorgeous then – the perfect job for a sunny…

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16 August 14

Charity Vintage: Midwinter Stylecraft coffee set

Charity Vintage: Midwinter Stylecraft coffee set

'Charity Vintage' blog post banner

vintage 1950s Midwinter Stylecraft coffee set for sale on eBay for Charity by & on behlaf of Lindsey Lodge Hospice(ends 21 Aug, 2014 20:37:49 BST)

This 1950s Midwinter Stylecraft coffee set is definitely something very special! We can’t seem to find any images or reference to the pattern online or in our vintage pottery books. That makes it a pretty rare thing! The coffee set consists of 6 cups & saucer with coffee pot all in very good condition. This fabulous mid-century modern set is up for sale by Lindse…

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15 August 14

Gimme Five! Clear umbrellas

Gimme Five! Clear umbrellas

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Selection of 5 clear umbrellas | H is for Home

Classic sunshine & showers all this week – the weather doesn’t know what it’s doing from one minute to the next. You don’t always want to be wearing layers of waterproof clothing if the rain only lasts ten minutes, so a nice umbrella is the perfect solution. I like a clear umbrella myself, so I can pull it down low but still see where I’m going. Here are five of my favourites from around the…

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14 August 14

Simple home made paneer

Simple home made paneer

'Simple home made paneer' blog post banner

Cubed home made paneer

I’m a regular stalker of the discounted shelves and fridges in our local supermarket. I’m very strict though, I only ever pick something up that I would have bought anyway. On a recent late evening trip to Morrisons, I saw a 4-pint bottle of whole organic milk for 89p down from £1.84. We don’t generally use full fat milk, and we never buy it in such large quantities, but I knew that I wanted to…

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13 August 14

Redecorate without redecorating: 5 Quick tips

Redecorate without redecorating: 5 Quick tips

'Redecorate without redecorating: 5 Quick tips' blog post banner

Bedroom of Marc and Edwina Boase in Brighton taken from their feature on Design*SpongeImage credit: Daniela Exley via Design*Sponge

So, this is the holy grail of all interior design; how to redecorate without actuallyredecorating. But just in the same way that a new pair of shoes makes Carrie Bradshaw feel like she has a whole new outfit, and the same way that a new supercharger makes Lewis Hamilton feel like he has a brand new car, there are some quick and cost effective ways to…

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12 August 14

World Dolls Series: Ireland

World Dolls Series: Ireland

'World Dolls Series' blog post banner

World Dolls Series: Ireland book front cover

We’re back touring!

World Dolls Series: Ireland book showing J Giplin illustrator information

We’ve crossed the sea to Ireland in our World Dolls Series – a charming collection of children’s books produced in the 1960s.

World Dolls Series: Ireland book showing Patrick carrying his shillelagh

Our guides for this leg of the journey are Kathleen & Patrick – two dolls who once stood side by side in a Dublin shop window. There’ll certainly be no misbehaving on this trip – Patrick has his shillelagh at the ready for anyone who steps out of…

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11 August 14

Etsy List: I’m Shattered!

Etsy List: I’m Shattered!

'Etsy List' blog post banner

'I'm Shattered!' Etsy List by H is for HomeI’m Shattered!
Curated by H is for Home

Mosaic is one craft that I’ve always wanted to try out but never got around to doing. It’s fairly easy to do – or so it seems to me – and the financial outlay on materials isn’t huge. Mosaic can be made using pieces of wood, plastic, glass, stone or the usual ceramic. It’s been around for thousands of years BC.

Remember I said that I thought it was easy to…

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10 August 14

Top tips to update your teen’s bedroom

Top tips to update your teen’s bedroom

'Top tips to update your teen’s bedroom' blog post banner

Teenager's bedroom with an orange colour schemeImage credit: Sergi Mengot

Kids, they grow up so fast! Before you know it, building blocks and soft toys are just a distant memory. Colouring-in pens turn into make-up sets; Lego cars turn into skateboards. And the adorable, pint-sized children’s furniture they once loved no longer has a place in your home. As your little ones develop into their teen years and early adulthood, it’s important…

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9 August 14

Charity Vintage: Egersund bowls

Charity Vintage: Egersund bowls

'Charity Vintage' blog post banner

Set of 4 vintage Egersund onion bowls for sale on eBay for Charity by & in support of North Devon Hospice(Ends 27 Aug, 2014 21:35:44 BST)

We’re featuring some more vintage Scandinavian pottery goodness this week for Charity Vintage. North Devon Hospice has for up sale this set of 4 vintage Egersund onion bowls. They’re listed as ‘buy it now’ for £20 with an added £5.50 postage & packaging.

This pattern is quite rare – we’ve only ever had a couple of pieces over the years. We’re fairly sure the…

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8 August 14

Gimme Five! Portable record players

Gimme Five! Portable record players

'Gimme Five' blog post banner

selection of portable record players

We’ve been sorting through a lot of our vinyl records that haven’t seen the light of day in years. We’re thinking of eBaying off these ones and investing in some ones that are more likely to be played.

Some of the best vintage vinyl finds we’ve had over the years have been found at car boot sales. Having a portable record player with you when you’re out record hunting ensures you don’t get home…

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7 August 14

Canned blackcurrants

'Canned blackcurrants' blog post banner

Colander of blackcurrants

I’ve preserved all our other allotment and foraged fruit in one way or another – raspberry jelly, redcurrant relish, rose hip syrup. I thought this time I’d give canned blackcurrants a go. Home canning (in glass jars that is!) is much more popular in the US than it is here in the UK, but I’ve always fancied giving it a go.

Canning, according to Wikipedia, “Is a method of preserving food in…

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5 August 14

6 Tips for newbie allotmenteers

6 Tips for newbie allotmenteers

'6 Tips for newbie allotmenteers' blog post banner

Blue painted wooden shed on an allotmentImage credit: Karen Jackson, The Garden Smallholder

This week is National Allotments Week so we wanted to mark the occasion by sharing a bit of useful advice to fellow newbie allotmenteers.

sketch of our allotment


Sketch out your plot on a sheet of paper. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and you don’t need a degree in draughtsmanship. Work out where the sunny and shady spots are. Get a compass out if need be…

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4 August 14

Etsy List: Carry on Camping!

Etsy List: Carry on Camping!

'Etsy List' blog post banner

'Carry on Camping!' Etsy List from H is for HomeFestival season is in full swing with Leeds, V, Reading, Green Man and Wilderness all happening this month so good reason to get yourself kitted out with some fantastic vintage camping gear!

Well, look no further than our Carry on Camping! Etsy List. Ex-army tent? Check! Original 70s sleeping bag? Check! Enamel mugs and aluminium percolator for camp-fire coffee? Check! Even an album of camp…

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3 August 14

Monthly Mood Board: Wicker

Monthly Mood Board: Wicker

'Monthly Mood Board' blog post banner

'Wicker' mood board

According to Wikipedia, ‘Wicker is woven fibre formed into a rigid material, most often used for baskets or furniture.‘ But wicker isn’t just for baskets and furniture, it’s used in homewares in lots of creative, attractive and affordable ways.

Wicker is usually done with willow but lots of other natural (and some man-made) materials are used; rattan, cane, bamboo, water hyacinth, sea grass,…

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