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20 April 14

2014 Bathroom Design Trends

2014 Bathroom Design Trends

'2014 Bathroom Design' blog post banner

white bathroom with Mira shower and Mediterranean blue feature wall

Is 2014 the year you’ll finally chip off those flower petal tiles, rip up the maroon carpet and tear out that hideous avocado suite? OK, so maybe your bathroom isn’t that bad, but if it’s time for an up-to-the-minute style revamp, then read on. With a strong focus on natural materials, soft and fluid edges and a touch of drama and the unpredictable, now’s the time to transform your bathroom…

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19 April 14

Charity Vintage: Jungle Book LP

Charity Vintage: Jungle Book LP

"Charity Vintage" blog post bannervintage Jungle Book LP(ends 21 Apr, 2014 12:15:45 BST)

You always get the question in celebrity Q&As, “What was the first record you ever bought?” Well, I’m not sure if I actually bought it. I would have been a bit too young to go to the record shop on my own, with my own money, but The Jungle Book LP was my first record!

I played it over & over & over again, my clumsy hands probably ruining the needle on my…

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18 April 14

Gimme Five! Deck chairs

Gimme Five! Deck chairs

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selection of 5 deck chairs

HURRAH! We’ve had a few, sunny days over the past week. I’ve been working on the laptop in the garden making the most of the good weather. Alas, the fabric on our pair of vintage 1970s garden chairshas perished… or else we need to lose some of that winter weight! The seats have ripped at the seams and, seeing as neither of us is an accomplished micro-surgeon – or even a decent sewer, attempting…

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17 April 14

Mushroom pâté

'Mushroom pâté' blog post banner

Home made mushroom pâté being decanted into jars

A few weeks ago on Instagram, I was singing the praises of a delicious porcini mushroom pâté that I’d discovered in Lidl. We had a punnet of mushrooms that needed to be used up so I thought I might try my hand at making my own pâté.

I flipped through a few of our cookbooks for a recipe and soon found one in a little booklet supplement that came with the Guardian weekend newspaper, many moons…

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16 April 14

World Dolls Series: England

World Dolls Series: England

'World Doll Series' blog post banner

World Dolls Series, England vintage children's book | H is for Home

So here’s England – the first of those World Dolls Series posts we mentioned last week.

list of books in the World Dolls Series | H is for Home

These illustrations are by C. Jones from the Birmingham School of Design.

illustration of a pair of dolls in the World Dolls Series, England | H is for Home

Each book has doll-like characters to show you round their country – it’s George & Elizabeth taking us on the tour of England.

illustration of Tower Bridge from the World Dolls Series, England | H is for Home

We start in the capital…

illustration of horse guards and a British Bobby from the World Dolls Series, England | H is for Home

…with some classic landmarks.

illustration of a tube train from the World Dolls Series, England | H is for Home

We just love the depiction of this busy…

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15 April 14

Blooming Secrets!

'Blooming Secrets' blog post banner

red flowers being sprayed with a yellow water bottle

It’s been a beautiful, sunny day and we’ve just spent the afternoon on our new allotment – digging, weeding, planting & pruning. It’s tough work as the site has been neglected for many months, but it’s great fun.

view of our garden

Having had a hot bath to ease those aching muscles we’re now relaxing at home – and are actually browsing the web doing some virtual gardening!

garden peas

We consider ourselves garden novices…

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Posted: 3:20 PM

Allotment Diary: Going to seed

Allotment Diary: Going to seed

'Allotment Diary' blog post banner

Two seed catalogues

Two seed catalogues that we’d ordered online arrived this week. A mind-boggling array of fruit, vegetable and flower seeds lay within their pages.

Two seed catalogues open on the sweet pea pages

But we remained single-minded and didn’t allow ourselves to go wild with the ordering. We were only after some scented sweet pea seeds for now.

Justin digging and weeding a bed on the allotment

Our idea was to break the allotment up into small areas and concentrate on them one at a time. Rather…

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14 April 14

Etsy List: Easter Eggstravaganza!

Etsy List: Easter Eggstravaganza!

"Etsy List" blog post banner

'Easter Eggstravaganza!' Etsy List from H is for Home

Have a look at our eggcellent, eggstraordinary, eggsciting array of Easter items from Eggtsy!

Easter Eggstravaganza!
curated by H is for Home

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13 April 14

Pick of the Pads: Art House

Pick of the Pads: Art House

"Pick of the Pads" blog post banner

May 2014 Elle Decoration magazine with collection of fat lava pottery

For this month’s Pick of the Pads, we’ve chosen the gorgeous home of Tony & Theresa Tilly featured in the May 2014 edition of Elle Decoration. They share a passion for collecting, particularly Mid Century Modern, so it’s joy to view their pieces – and interesting to see how they’re displayed in a domestic setting.

May 2014 Elle Decoration magazine with 'Art House' article title

Situated in the forests of Arden, this secluded modern home is built from…

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12 April 14

Charity Vintage: Carr biscuit tin

Charity Vintage: Carr biscuit tin

"Charity Vintage" blog post banner

vintage Carr biscuit tin being sold on eBay for Charity by & in support of Isabel Hospice(ends 15 Apr, 2014 09:05:55 BST)

This vintage Carr biscuit tin is being sold on eBay for Charity by & in support of Isabel Hospice*. It looks as if it’s been through the wars. Lots of scratches and other wear and what looks to be a large, sticky black area on the top where there was once a label.

But it’s so pretty; such a lovely illustration… and it’s only £5! The good news is that rubbing it…

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11 April 14

Gimme Five! Coal scuttles

Gimme Five! Coal scuttles

"Gimme Five!" blog post banner

selection of 5 coal scuttles | H is for Home

We had the new fire in our kitchen refitted today. Two months short of 2 years after our house were flooded… and just in time for summer too!

We’re ecstatic and relieved too. Building regulations have changed since the waterlogged fire was fitted. So the new one couldn’t be installed without a flue liner being fed down the chimney – all 40 feet of it!

One of the other casualties of the flood…

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10 April 14

Cakes & Bakes: Baked Banana Cheesecake

Cakes & Bakes: Baked Banana Cheesecake

"Cakes & Bakes" blog post banner

Baked banana cheesecake | H is for Home

Our favourite dessert to make for a dinner party is a freshly-baked, light & airy vanilla cheesecake. The recipe we posted, one of Gordon Ramsay‘s, is by far the most popular of our Cakes & Bakes series.

This week, I suggested to Justin that I’d make a baked banana cheesecake for a change. Being a traditionalist, he wasn’t as enthusiastic about the idea as I was. I went ahead and made it anyway…

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9 April 14

World Dolls Series Books

World Dolls Series Books

'World Doll Series' blog post banner

collection of vintage World Dolls Series books | H is for Home

We recently blogged about the Holland edition in this vintage World Dolls Series of books.  So taken were we with the illustrations in that first book we acquired, that we’ve been on the hunt for further examples – and have got a nice little collection now.

countries featured in the vintage World Dolls Series of books | H is for Home

They were written by Irene Darkand produced by Pergamon Press Limited in the 1960s  – various illustrators from the Birmingham School of…

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8 April 14

Allotment Diary: Our first day

Allotment Diary: Our first day

'Allotment Diary' blog post banner

Daffodils in flower with Fudge on his bed in the background on our allotment

This is the first, proper entry into our new, virtual Allotment Diary.

Celandine in flower on our allotment

Surveying the plot, we were feeling slightly overwhelmed – there was so much work to do, where do we start?! We didn’t want to just rip out all the plants that were already there. Daffodils and celandine are in abundance – they look so bright & cheery.

old plastic water butts and garden chairs on our allotment

We began by having a general tidy up, moving all the strewn plastic…

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7 April 14

Etsy List: National Pet Month

Etsy List: National Pet Month

"Bookmarks" blog post banner

'National Pet Month' Etsy List from H is for HomeIt’s National Pet Month here in the UK. A great excuse to spoil the dog, cat, pony, hamster or ferret in your life. Not that you don’t do it already!

We’ve put together a few treats we think they’d really like. We’ve got our eyes on those dried banana dog treats for Fudge – we know he’d go crazy for them.

National Pet Month Etsy List
curated by H is for Home

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